Colyer Internet Heifer Auction TERMS & CONDITIONS

  1. On any females that are selling 1/2 interest the buyer has the option of purchasing the entire heifer at twice the selling price. However, Colyer Herefords will still retain a flush if that option is exercised.
  2. Buyers are responsible for shipping expenses.
  3. Colyer Herefords will precondition and wean heifers prior to shipment.
  4. Heifers can be picked up anytime after the sale but no later than November 1, 2011.
  5. Each animal will be the buyer's risk as soon as sold and will be turned over to the purchaser as soon as practical after settlement.
  6. Buyer will have the option of leaving female at Colyer Herefords and have them exhibit the heifer at the National Shows.
  7. If buyer chooses to have their purchases shown; the following conditions must be met.
    • Buyer must insure their purchase while being in the care of Colyer Herefords.
    • The total cost of exhibiting the heifer at Reno, Denver, or Ft. Worth will be $1,500.00 per show. This includes all feed, show preparation, and related show expenses.
    • Half of the total amount of show expense will be due with the purchase of the heifer. The balance will be due January 1, 2012.
    • Due to the increased feed costs an additional $6/day will be charged while the heifer is at the ranch.
    • Colyer Herefords will pay for the entry fees for Reno, Denver, and Ft. Worth. Premium money will be split 50/50. Any banners, ribbons or hardware won will belong to the buyer.
    • The buyer will take possession after the the respective show and will be responsible for arranging transportation.
    • On those females that we are selling 1/2 interest the costs will be split 50% by the buyer and 50% by the seller.
  8. Colyer Herefords will reserve the right to flush any of the heifers purchased in this auction. We will only reserve one flush and it will be done at the buyers' convenience.