2011 Colyer Internet Heifer Auction

Welcome to our 10th Annual Internet Heifer Sale!

Wow! It is hard to believe that this is our 10th Annual Internet heifer sale. We have used the slogan “Best of the Best” for years and this really does describe the heifers we sell in this fall sale. They are the elite females from a program that for over 30 years has produced some of the very best seed stock in the nation.

The track record of females from past internet sales is unprecedented. Half interest in “Notice Me” sold in our first internet sale. She was the first Supreme Champion in Denver and has produced over $350,000 in actual sales. She remains a cornerstone of our ET program and her daughters will be featured in this years sale. “Notice Me Now” sold in the second sale and was twice named Grand Champion Female at Ft. Worth and has produced over $100,000 in actual sales. A daughter was also Denver Grand Champion Female in 2008. “She’s Got Game” sold in 2004 and produced the 2009 Denver Grand Champion Bull “Gran Tornio”. “5007” sold in 2005 and produced a son that was in our Champion Pen of Bulls in Denver this year. The 2006 sale produced the Reserve Grand Champion Female in Ft. Worth. “Chanel” sold in 2007 and went on to be a Triple Crown winner being named Grand Champion at Reno, Denver, and Ft. Worth. “Cowgirl 7030” was also in this sale and has been a prolific donor for us and Sayre Farms. She produced the 2010 Reserve Champion Female in the Junior Show in Reno. This past show season saw two internet heifers being named Grand Champion Females at Reno and Ft. Worth.

These are a few of the highlights from past sales and we feel this years offering can produce similar results. These females are packed by some of the “Best” genetics in the industry today. They combine the “Best” of genetics, EPD’s and phenotype. The potential for future donor cows and show ring winners is tremendous and will help propel your program forward.

Log on to www.liveauctions.tv to register and bid.

Contact us if you have any questions. We will work with you in any way to satisfy your needs.